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Custom Half Side of Beef (Deposit Only)

Custom Half Side of Beef (Deposit Only)


Our Custom Half Side of Beef is the perfect choice for families looking for high-quality, antibiotic, and hormone free, pasture-raised meat. Only pay a deposit now. The final price includes half of the animal and butcher fees, with additional fees for specialty cuts. Customers have the freedom to choose their favorite cuts from our trusted local butcher. We offer a variety of options, including Angus grass-finished, Angus grass/grain finished, and Waygu/Angus grass/grain finished. Buying in bulk will save you money, so pick all your favorites and enjoy them for months to come. Sides are available as early as next month!


Things to know:

-Final amount based on animal hanging weight (Typical animal hanging weight will be around 700 lbs for a whole).

-Your price will also include processing.

-When buying a side, you get to pick the cuts you want and how they are cut and packaged.

-Free local delivery or pick-up from our butcher.

-A whole beef will typically yield 400 lbs of actual meat.


Price: Includes standard processing

-Half Grass/Grain Finished- $4.50 per lb based on hanging weight

-Half Grass Only- $5.00 per lb based on hanging weight

-Half Waygu/Angus Cross- $5.50 per lb based on hanging weight

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